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Dharma Talk

Discourses on the Great Perfection Dharma

1. Padmasambhava Placed the Teachings of the Great Perfection Dharma in the Mind-stream of Grand Master Lu's Former Incarnation
2. Padmasambhava Conferred Empowerment on Grand Master - Swallowing and Releasing Him Through the Secret Chakra
3. Great Perfection Dharma Practice Opens Channels and Meridians Leading to Good Health
4. Garab Dorje - The First Human Teacher of Dzogchen, Born to a Buddhist Nun-Princess Through Immaculate Conception
5. Manjushrimitra Entered Nirvana and Was Reborn in a Lotus to Transmit Dzogchen to Padmasambhava
6. Shri Singha, the Third Human Teacher of Dzogchen, Was a Tangut from the State of Western Xia
7. Padmasambhava Studied Dzogchen Nine Yanas under Shri Singha for Twenty-Five Years
8. Nyingma Lineage Guru Longchenpa Was an Emanation of Manjushri
9. Jigme Lingpa Wrote The Treasury of Enlightened Qualities
10. Shravakas Deem the World to Have More Suffering than Happiness
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