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Dharma Talk

A Brief Introduction to True Buddha School

Chapter Two - The Origin and Lineage of True Buddha School
Chapter Three - Reasons for the Rise of True Buddha School
Chapter Four - Why True Buddha School Was Formed
Chapter Five - The Benevolence of Living Buddha Lian Shen
Chapter Six - Special Features of True Buddha School
Chapter Seven - Clarification
Chapter Eight - Means of Salvation
Chapter Nine - The Importance of Taking Refuge and Empowerment
Chapter Ten - True Buddha School: An Expedient Doctrine
Chapter Eleven - The Basic Theory for the Practising of the Esoteric School of Buddhism
Chapter Twelve - The True Meanings of Practising the Three Mystics of Esoteric Buddhism
Chapter Thirteen - Basic Concepts on Practising the True Buddha Esoteric school of Buddhism
Chapter Fourteen - Basic Concepts of the Daily Practice
Chapter Fifteen - Respecting the Guru, Valuing the Dharma and Personal Cultivation
Chapter Sixteen - Appendix
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