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Grand Master Lu`s Dharma talk (summary) after Saturday Group Practice on March 27, 2010

2010-03-27 Seattle Lei Zang Temple, Redmond, Washington


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Translated by: TBTT.

Summarized by Lina Huang, edited by Morgan Chiu, proofread by Angela Yeh


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正見名出世 邪見名世間
邪正盡打卻 菩提性宛然
此頌是頓教 亦名大法船
迷聞經累劫 悟則剎那間

Right view is transcendental;
Deviant view is worldly.
Deviant and right completely destroyed;
The Bodhi nature appears spontaneously.
This ode is the sudden teaching,
Also called the great dharma boat.
When confused, bear through ages,
When enlightened, awaken in an instant.

The right view is to get rid of all the delusion. The deviant view is to devote to all worldly things. In cultivating Buddhism, all right views and deviant views have to be removed so nothing exists in the thoughts. At that moment, your Bodhi nature shall show itself. This verse is the sudden teaching, also called the great dharma boat. The boat will take us to the pure land. All sentient beings still not awakened, will not achieve enlightenment even if they study the sutras until the books fall apart. However, when they are instructed by way of the awakened teachers, enlightenment can be achieved momentarily.

We need to comprehend this world. What is happiness? What is sorrow? They are intermingled and intertwined. All of the fortune, beauty, fame are mundane. They do not last forever. In Six Patriarch`s eyes, they are deviant views, because they belong to this world. To exercise right views is to not cling to these things. Beauty is not forever. Fame is not forever. We need to transcend this world. Depart from this world. Go to the better place - the pure land.

Then, Six Patriarch said, get rid the notions of right views and deviant views. Get rid of both of them. Now, most people cannot figure this out. Why destroy all right and deviant views? It`s because the supreme truth is within. Awakening is within this verse. You obviously should not develop deviant views. But you should not think about right views either. And only at that instant, your Buddha nature is revealed. This is exactly why Six Patriarch often said, not to ponder the good, not to ponder the evil; because, at that exact moment, your Buddha nature shows itself right there!

Let`s not worry about how the world changes. We only concentrate on going to the Maha Twin Lotus Pond, to the Western Pure Land. This is a right view. But to eclipse this, don`t even mind the heavens or this world. Just lead your life according to the natural course. Continue to go with the flow. Whatever you encounter is good. Then your state of mind is constantly in the existence of the Prajna, in the light of wisdom. What is attaining Buddhahood? What is Buddha nature? In Buddha nature, there is no differentiation. Not to distinguish is one trait of Buddha nature. It doesn`t choose. It is unoccupied. It is care free. When your Buddha nature reveals itself, no matter you are in the human realm, in the pure land, even in the three miserable realms, you are always a buddha.
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