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Grand Master Lu`s Dharma talk (summary) after Saturday Group Practice on March 13, 2010

2010-03-13 Seattle Lei Zang Temple, Redmond, Washington


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Translated by: TBTT.
Summarized by Karen Lim, edited by Morgan Chiu, proofread by Angela Yeh


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六祖說:「 若見他人非,自非卻是左;他非我不非,我非自有過。但自卻非心,打除煩惱破;憎愛不關心,長伸兩腳臥。 」

If I find another`s flaw, condemning him is my fault. His wrongdoings I do not fault, doing so is my flaw. Eliminate the mind of forming opinions, to quash all the stress. Not concerned with dislikes and likes, I lie down with my legs stretched out.

Do not look for and be bothered by the flaws of sentient beings. If you have any shortcoming, you should correct it. Have no hate and love to be free from stress and worries. Do not engage in or spread hearsay. Be far away from any gossip. Then you would sleep peacefully. Your emotions may affect you physically. Medication would not help you when you have stress. Stress can affect you for days. You may even develop insomnia.

Nothing really belongs to us. Having enough money to spend is good enough. I do not feel that money is really important. Love is also false. You would be separated in the end. Everything will change. When you watch TV, read newspaper and magazines, all are gossip. But I personally am not disturbed by it, whether it is written as a compliment or defamation. Do not do things when you know they are wrong. Our hearts are equal. Do not tell people they have done wrong. Try to understand and forgive them. Let them correct their wrongs on their own. We do not scold them. People will remember when you have helped them before.

Health is very important. Disaster relief and charity are good deeds. We cannot just do nothing to help them. You must believe in Buddhism as it helps all sentient beings. We must use our wisdom to differentiate between right and wrong.

You want to be a Bodhisattva; you must put sentient beings before yourself because they are more important. You are able to cultivate at any moment and place. Remember, birth, separation and death come quickly.
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