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Grand Master Lu`s Dharma talk (summary) after Saturday Group Practice on January 30, 2010

2010-01-30 Seattle Lei Zang Temple, Redmond, Washington

Translated by: TBTT

Summarized by Pin Ting, proofread by Rev. Liang Xsing, edited by Morgan Chiu


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Wrong comes, stress arrives; right comes, stress vacates.

Cast aside right and wrong, untainted with no remainder.

Bodhi is self-nature, emergence of view is wrong.

In the wrong finds pure mind, righteousness frees from three obstructions.

If men practice truth, none will meet hindrances.

Recurrently contemplate own vice, reach accord with the truth.

Each body holds own truth, yet interferes not with another.

Leave this path to seek an alternate course, till life’s end sees no truth.

When corrupt thoughts arise, stress will follow. But if you exercise the right judgement, the stress will be gone. If you leave alone both the wrong and right views, you will be purified until you reach the nirvana of no-remainder.

The Bodhicitta is actually our Buddha nature. Any thought arisen from your Bodhicitta is considered deviant. The so-called pure mind is inside the wrong thoughts. But if you engage the right view, you will eradicate the three obstacles: stress, karma and retribution (vipaka).

If everyone in this world practices cultivation, they will not hinder one another. Cultivators must learn introspection and repentance. They will then be very close to realizing Buddha nature. Everyone has their own self-nature, yet they will be of no disturbance and damage to each other. If you depart from your self-nature to seek another path to the truth, you will never find it.

What’s no-remainder? No-remainder refers to the nirvana of no-remainder. The nirvana of no-remainder is in fact the power of leak extinction (asavakkhaya). This is the most supreme of the six supernatural powers. This power bears the ability to have eliminated all leaks or outflow, which is equivalent to the nirvana of no-remainder.

“The right frees from three obstructions.?Which three kinds of obstacles? The first is the stress obstacle, which refers to all your troubles and worries. The second kind is the karma obstacle, which refers to the past heinous deeds known as the five rebellious offenses and ten abominations. The stress obstacle comes from your greed, anger, ignorance, doubt and arrogance. The retribution obstacle refers to the consequential sufferings you face in this world. It can also include rebirth in the three miserable realms. If you have the right view, you can eliminate all three obstacles.

The Sixth Patriarch also mentioned all cultivators must practice introspection constantly. Cultivators must contemplate their mistakes everyday. More often than not, cultivators still commit wrongdoings everyday. Try to stay away from corrupt thoughts, speech, and deeds. Keep yourself uncontaminated. As said before, empty your minds. Because all troubles are in fact obstacles, when you are able to empty your mind, you toss out the stress as well as the obstacle. When your mind is empty, there will no longer be bad thoughts. Sometimes we override bad thoughts with good ones. But there are still thoughts. What the Sixth Patriarch said is any rise of thought is wrong. Every rise of thought is a seed of karma. Therefore, if cultivators are able to empty their minds, they are comparable to attaining enlightenment.

The Sixth Patriarch said everyone has Buddha nature. If you depart from what is within to seek it else, you won’t find it. Hence the saying, “Tao never leaves men, men never leave the Tao.?So finding your Buddha nature is very important. If everyone cultivates into the spiritual path, there will be no cross boundary, interference or antagonism towards one another. Buddha nature is always with human beings.
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