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Grand Master Lu`s Dharma talk (summary) after Saturday Group Practice on January 9, 2010

2010-01-09 Seattle Lei Zang Temple, Redmond, Washington

Translated by: TBTT

Summarized by Peggie Ng, proofread by Angela Yeh, edited by Morgan Chiu


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六祖說:「 然須傳授從上以來默傳分付,不得匿其正法。若不同見同行,在別法中,不得傳付。損彼前人,究竟無益。 」

However the teachings derived from above have been transmitted discretely, barring concealment of the true dharma. If in unmatched view and deed, or holding other beliefs, transmission is forbidden. Abusing the forebears, ultimately benefit none.

The transmission of the Buddhist dharma from Shakyamuni to Kassapa Buddha and all the way to the Twenty-eighth Patriarch had all been done in private, entirely without any reservation from the lineage masters. Accordingly to the Sixth Patriarch, the doctrine can only be passed to someone whose insight is similar to or the same as the masterís. If the said person does not have an uninhibited mind and the doctrine is taught to him, it will mistreat the whole lineage. This is because, when a person hasnít emptied his heart and is taught this dharma, whatever you tell him might frighten him; lead him to disbelief and confusion. At the end, it doesnít benefit him one bit. This is also the reason I canít publicly teach Sixth Patriarch`s dharma that is supposed to be transmitted heart-to-heart. If you have the matching insight and I teach you this dharma, youíll realize instantly and understand what Shakyamuni realized under the bodhi tree.

Empty your heart and receive the lineage. Rid the defiled thoughts. Don`t be full of your own opinions. Once you awaken, empty you heart, I will give you the condensed formula. Then all eighty-four thousand dharma gates are consumed by you. You receive the transmission of one dharma yet eighty-four thousand dharma. Awaken and immediately end all stress.

The Sixth Patriarchís no-thought practice is the most effective way in clearing oneís worries. I do not hold any worries in my heart, whatever stress I encounter will be tossed out. This is why I am always happy and untroubled. Why should you let all the worries and stress permeate your heart and mind? Isnít it time to purify your heart and let them stop disturb your life? Unload your mind and you will be able to receive the dharma.

I am not totally void of stress either. But if I let them get to me, then by taking my life one hundred times wouldn`t suffice to resolve them. The reason why I am still here and unperturbed is because I choose to scoop and toss out all the worries and stress from my mind. I do not crave for any fame or power. As Acharya Lian Deng mentioned, we should let things come and go naturally.

I know that asking everyone to toss their stress is not an easy feat. Every happening has itís karmic rationale and everybody has his share of problems. What I want all of you to learn is to not think of problems as problems, to not look back upon past problems. Understand that any current problems will become past problems so don`t pay much attention to them. And why be bothered by future problems before they even occur? This is what the Diamond Sutra means by the three unattainable hearts - past, present and future. By understanding the doctrine and putting it to exercise, you will be able to let go your stress and empty your heart.

Like the eminent Director-General Liao said, empty your heart; don`t allow anger fuel your heart. Sometimes a spark of anger can start a catastrophic fire. To be a true Buddhism practitioner, we need to learn to put an end to all our stress.

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