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Grand Master Lu`s Dharma talk (summary) after Saturday Group Practice on December 5, 2009

2009-12-05 Seattle Lei Zang Temple, Redmond, Washington

Translated by: TBTT
Summarized by Rina Tzeng, Proofread by Angela Yeh, Edited by Morgan Chiu


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六祖說:「 若起邪迷,妄念顛到,外善知識雖有教授,救不可得。若起真正般若觀照,一剎那間,妄念俱滅。若識自性,一悟即至佛地。」

If clouded by deviant confusion, perverted by defiled thoughts, despite mentoring by an outside virtuous and knowledgeable teacher, relief is unlikely. If genuine Prajna contemplation emerges, defiled thoughts extinguished in an instant. Grasp self-nature to enlighten and reach the Buddhaland.

In simple words, if suddenly your mind is consumed by tidal waves of delusions where you have lost yourself, even though your guru has taught you the buddha dharma, your guru would not be able to liberate you in that situation. It is only if at that moment you truly calm your mind down and use your wisdom to observe your heart will your unclean thoughts dissipate. You need to have wisdom. That is why I often say you need to use your wisdom to examine your heart.

It is difficult for outside powers to save you. To save yourself, you need to use your wisdom to examine your mind and actions. No outside power is able to help you. That is why we often say whether you are going down the right or wrong path is only off by the difference of one thought. We are all good people but the problem is \`that one thought.\` Just like when you get angry, a moment before you were just fine and your mind was calm but then you hear couple of words that aggravate you, you jump up and make the wrong judgment. The Sixth Patriarch says when you are in situations like this you must use your wisdom to examine: should you do it or not? what are the outcomes of either way? You must use your wisdom. Listening to Buddha`s teachings. Buddha does not dwell on the outside or sit in the Seattle temple. Buddha is in your heart where your wisdom arises.

You need to rely on your wisdom. Prajna is a very important. \`Your fate is determined by the difference of one thought.\` When you are in a tough situation, this one thought, what you are supposed to do, is very important in life. At that moment, you must look at your heart, hear the voice of your guru and remember what your guru has taught you. Calm your mind, examine your heart; then decide if you should proceed with your actions. You must contemplate. That way you will not make decisions that you might regret.

If you are the type of person who utilizes his wisdom then you will not have any attachments when dealing with any given situation. Both having or not having something, good or bad, having or not having problems in your life, everything should be treated as \`good\`. When you don`t take any of these to heart, you are able to free yourself and are able to have access to the limitless wisdom that you can utilize. You are also able to free yourself from all emotional sufferings as well as seeing clearly. Whether you feel you live an easy or difficult life, what you believe your views to be incorrect or correct, your opinions of what is good or bad, all will eventually pass and transform into emptiness. At that time, you will unlock, within you, the limitless wisdom.
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