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Grand Master Lu`s Dharma talk (summary) after Saturday Group Practice on November 28, 2009

2009-11-28 Seattle Lei Zang Temple, Redmond, Washington

Translated by: TBTT

Summarized by Pin Ting, Proofread by Angela Yeh, Edited by Morgan Chiu


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六祖說:「 若自悟者,不假外求。若一向執謂須他善知識方得解脫者,無有是處。何以故?自心內有知識自悟。 」

If awaken through own mind, need not seek outside. Preoccupation with needing a virtuous and knowledgeable teacher to attain liberation does no good. Why? Within oneís own mind holds the capacity to self-enlighten.

The first key point here is self. Yourself. Within yourself is your buddha nature. If you awaken, youíll be free from attachment and wonít need to seek outside for liberation. Itís like you ask buddhas and bodhisattvas for liberation. Buddha canít liberate you. You have to awaken in order to be free. What the Sixth Patriarch wanted you to do is to grasp your buddha nature and awaken; save and free yourself.

When we chant a sutra, we chant to awaken our buddha nature, not for buddhas to listen. Sutras are discourse made by the Buddha. He spoke so you can understand. If you just repeat his words back to him, what`s the use? He spoke dharma to awake your buddha nature. Sutra chanting for the departed is meant to awake their buddha nature. I propagate dharma to awake everyoneís buddha nature. When you are enlightened, you will realize you donít need to seek help from another. You can liberate yourself.

Praying is a psychological comfort. Praying to God or Buddha for blessings is mostly looking for psychological comfort. Why not study buddhas?sutras? There is great knowledge in sutras. Learn Buddhaís Prajna rather than praying to Buddha. Offering incense to buddhas is to pay respect to them. Praying to Buddha wonít help you gain his great knowledge. If you donít understand Buddhaís Prajna you wonít awaken.

As Buddhists, we canít develop fixation. Donít think that we don`t need to learn anything anyway, to assimilate Tatagata`s Prajna, to awaken own buddha nature. Donít think you can simply lean on Grand Master. Just rely on Grand Master. Grand Master will save us. Such fixation should be dismissed. Whether I can save you depends on your karma. Therefore, Buddha says there are three important fruits: the divergently-ripening fruit, the augmenting fruit, and the same-order fruit.

The divergently-ripening fruit means you will reap the results of your good and bad actions. The augmenting fruit has the power of amplification. If you have a bad temper, you would be surrounded by family members, friends, even superiors, with bad tempers. The same-order fruit is your habitual nature. For example, if you exploit or steal from the temple, through the divergently-ripening fruit, you will reborn in the three lower realms. How about augmenting fruit? You will starve in the next life, having nothing to eat. The same-order fruit makes you enjoy abusing the temple`s goodwill even more. This would become your habitual nature.

Reverend Lian Yu talked about integrating your practice with the daily life. Offering your pure speech, body and mind to Buddha. Start your practice with your speech, body and mind. We learn what Acharya Lian Deng referred to as the \`body and mind shed and fall.\` When you reach the highest statue, your body and mind shed and fall. You feel nothing about life and death. I am not surprised with the coming of 2012. I personally feel that I have attained the supreme perfect enlightenment. If you have attained the supreme perfect enlightenment, you have obtained Prajna and you will have everything in this world as well as everything out of this world. You will have your pure land and you will be radiant like Buddha. It is perfect. If there is no more past 2012, it is perfect too. If nothing happens in 2012, itís still perfect. Prajna is perfect. If you attain enlightenment, you wonít worry about life and death. Your body and mind shed and fall and you feel nothing about disasters.

We have to be grateful to Buddha Shakyamuni for passing on all the dharma and amazing Prajna. He doesnít distinguish one from another. Some religions differentiate. We believe everyone is equal for everyone has buddha nature. We welcome everyone to take refuge in True Buddha School . You donít take refuge in me. You take refuge in the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. When I am around, you take refuge in Root Guru. When I am not around, you take refuge in other Acharyas. You take refuge in virtuous and knowledgeable teachers.
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