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Grand Master Lu`s Dharma talk (summary) after Saturday Group Practice on November 7, 2009

2009-11-07 Seattle Lei Zang Temple, Redmond, Washington


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Translated by: TBTT
Summarized by Flora Cheung, Proofread by Angela Yeh, Edited by Morgan Chiu


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六祖說:「 善知識!我於忍和尚處,一聞言下便悟,頓見真如本性。是以將此教法流行,令學道者頓悟菩提。各自觀心,自見本性。 」

Virtuous and knowledgeable friend, At Monk Ren`s, I awakened promptly as I heard his words, instantly seeing the Tathata. Hence the spread of this teaching. Bring practitioners to sudden awakening of Bodhi. For each to contemplate own mind to see own self-nature.

In plain language, what the Sixth Patriarch meant in the introduction was the audience, those present to hear his dharma talk, are genuine and with great wisdom. The Sixth Patriarch felt that when he heard the Fifth Patriarch`s words, he immediately awakened. He could experience his Tathata. He was able to grasp his Buddha nature. Now by disseminating the Sudden Teaching dharma-gate, it will help all practitioners to speedily realize their Bodhicitta. When you can do that, contemplate your mind and you will be able to see your Buddha nature. This is what the Sixth Patriarch is saying.

So what are the key points here? I think itís not very easy to suddenly see your Tathata. That is, in one instant, catch sight of your Buddha nature. It is not easy to do. On the other hand, if sudden awakening conveys the notion of before long, to be able to detect your Buddha nature, then it makes better sense. It is very unlikely, upon hearing Master Hong Ren`s discourse, that I would instantly see my Buddha nature.

But if you come to the awareness, detection, or feeling of your Buddha nature, it can be interpreted as suddenly seeing the Tathata.

If you can see the Buddha nature, you are very much like Buddha. Then go home and contemplate your mind. Examine your heart carefully. You will eventually see your self-nature, to personally corroborate the Buddha nature. There is still a difference. So when the Sixth Patriarch was at the Fifth Patriarch`s, he did know and sense the Buddha nature. Then, he had to hide. Shelter himself. He hid among the hunters for many years. All this time, he diligently practiced contemplating his mind. This is called the Mind Contemplation dharma-gate. There is still a ways to go from awakening to enlightenment. What this really means is that once you awaken, you have to always examine your mind to see if you truly attained what you have awakened to, and if you have departed from the awakened state. If your mind conforms to the awakening every single moment, one day you will corroborate the Buddha nature personally. This is called witnessing self-nature, personally seeing the Buddha nature.
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