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Grand Master Lu`s Dharma talk (summary) on October 3, 2009 (after Saturday Group Practice)

2009-10-03 Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple, Redmond, WA


Grand Master Lu`s Dharma Talk at Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple, Redmond, Washington on October 3, 2009

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Translated by: TBTT
Summarized by Karen Lim, Proofread by Angela Yeh, Edited by Morgan Chiu

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The Prajna wisdom has no notion of big or small, varies only from delusion to awakening. The deluded heart sees outwardly and cultivates to seek Buddha; not awakening to self-nature is limited faculties. When awakening to the sudden teaching, free from outward cultivation, focusing regularly on the right views, contaminated not by stress and defilement, is seeing self-nature.

There are a few key points here. One of them is outer view. Like things you hear and see. Your mind does not stay within your self-nature but wanders around outside. These can all be called outer view. You look for Buddha outside of yourself. A lot of people cultivate Buddhahood, they look for Buddha out there. As you see many Buddha statues here today, you think they are Buddha. They are actually clay, stone, glue and paint. Seeking Buddha is an outer view.

Another key point is your self-nature. In Zen, there is a saying, “Thus Heart Thus Buddha.?Contemplating your heart is the same as contemplating Buddha. There is another saying, “Not Heart Not Buddha.?It`s not heart; it`s not Buddha either. So what exactly is Buddha? That`s for you to ponder and meditate. What you come to grasp would be called the right view. It`s the the correct understanding and the genuine awakening you achieved. You are able to see your self-nature. Thus it`s called the right view.

Sentient beings have the notion of big and small, hence the differentiation of superior and limited wisdom and faculties. Awakening has no such variation. No does the wisdom of Tathagata. After you achieve enlightenment, regularly use the right view, derived from your enlightenment, to check yourself. Are your body, speech and mind purified? When you involve in the practice regularly, you won’t have greed, hate and ignorance. This is Buddha`s heart symbol. The deluded and distorted thoughts will subside. Then you will see your Buddha nature. This is the essence of Sixth Patriarch words, “contaminated not by stress and defilement.?We have a lot of worries and defilements in this mundane world. But you cannot let them pollute your Buddha nature. When your enlightened mind is purified of contaminants, you will see your true self.

Acharya Lian Ye mentioned non-poisonous heart. I have only one heart, a non-poisonous heart. This heart would not harm any sentient being. Many people misunderstand the meaning of Buddhism. The most important thing is Buddha has the wisdom of Prajna. That makes us different from other religions. When you understand the wisdom of Tathagata, you will attain Buddhahood by yourself. This is the principle of Buddhism.

Acharya Lian Ye also mentioned spiritual response. When you and Buddha or your personal Deity unite as one, it is called a spiritual response.

The wisdom of Prajna is complete and perfect. Sixth Patriarch’s teaching of self awakening is important. The wisdom of Tathagata is important. I want you all to grasp why the wisdom of Prajna is complete, perfect, equal, non-hindering, responsive and non-harmful.

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