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Grand Master Lu`s Dharma Talk summary on Aug 8, 2009 (After Saturday Group Practice)

2009-08-08 Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple, Redmond, WA
Grand Master Lu`s Dharma talk (summary) after Saturday Group Practice

Translated by: TBTT
Summarized by Rina Tzeng, Proofread by Angela Yeh, Edited by Morgan Chiu


No remembrance, no clinging, delusions do not emerge. Through own true-suchness, irradiate with wisdom, in all dharma to not seize or relinquish, is awakening and fulfilling the Buddhahood.

Senior Reverend Bi Jen said everything in this world is considered conveniences. In Buddhism, convenience is kindness and compassion. Wisdom is the original Buddha nature. The greatest wisdom is to not seizing or relinquishing. It is also permanent. Think about it. No one can live on earth forever. I never see one to be able to take a penny when passing on and yet one still clings to wealth.

No attainment is wisdom. We live in this world. We have nothing so we donít attain anything. But people who cling to things believe they have hung on to something. Actually, no one attains anything. If you would not attain anything, you donít have to think too much because thinking wonít help.

Not seizing not relinquishing is also a great wisdom. Living in this world is only temporary. I donít seize anything from this world. Yet I donít relinquish anything from this world. I make use of conveniences to gain wisdom. Convenience incorporated with wisdom becomes the Middle Path. Every one of us can become stubborn and biased but neither way is good.

The wisdom in ďnot seizing not relinquishing?is very impressive. We live in this world. You canít forcefully seize other peopleís things yet you donít have to reject their offers. My Master, Monk Liow Ming, told me not to ever ask for money. This teaching helped me tremendously. No one could claim that Grand Master Lu cheated him out of money. Never. Thatís because I never solicited money from anyone. I donít demand people to give me money. But if people voluntarily make offerings, you are allowed to accept them. When you have enough to use, thatís good. This is ďnot seizing not relinquishing.?

Senior Reverend Bi Jen talked about conveniences. My spread of dharma teachings here is a kind of convenience. My use of spoke and written words to spread dharma teachings is also a convenience. My spread of dharma teachings from my dharma seat is also a convenience. All these will open the door to wisdom to teach people to not seize not relinquish; teach people to achieve the wisdom of Middle Path. Too little or too much is no good. Focusing only on your own practice and be indifferent to others isnít good either.

Just like what Acharya Lian Deng said, one with no wisdom sees mountains as mountains and waters as waters. When one starts to practice, one abides by the precepts to suppress all her/his desires. But suppression is not the right way. We use wisdom to guide people. What is wisdom? No attainment is wisdom. No remembrance and no clinging are wisdom. Not seizing and not relinquishing are wisdom. When one can see mountains not as mountains and waters not waters, as well as seeing mountains as mountains and waters as waters, then one is ďnot seizing or relinquishing.?He has wisdom. You know you can use money for charitable purposes, for printing sutras and spreading dharma teachings. This is ďnot relinquishing.?Not using illegal methods to make money is ďnot seizing.?This is the wisdom of the Middle Path.

A famous master once said, ďPeace at heart is being safe.?It is very good to say that but he didnít reveal the instructions of obtaining peace. That would be of the utmost importance. Let me tell you. When you awaken, you will have peace of heart. ďPeace at heart is being safe?is only a saying but to truly understand how you can have achieve that is something I want you all to contemplate.

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