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GM Dharma talk summary on June 20th, 2009 at Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple.

2009-06-20 Ling Shen Ching Tze Temple
Reported by Reverend Liang Xsing & Vicky Tseng
Proofread by Angela Yeh
Edited by Morgan Chiu
Posted by: TBTTs
(Reverend Jiu Ru talked about far and near. He referred to a sutra scripture, ďA single one thought embraces three thousand worlds.? Donít fret because you canít be with Grand Master all the time. When you think of Grand Master, you are blessed by Him no matter where you are. If you put your mind to cultivation, you will awaken no matter where you are.)

(Acharya Lian Moon talked about how to maintain a placid mind. Donít just think about Grand Master when you need His blessings. When you donít see Grand Master, you should always think of Him. Donít look down on yourself and say that youíll never awaken. Maintaining a placid mind is to let go of any thought. When you are able to control your greed, hate, and ignorance, you are able to liberate yourself and become enlightened.)

Virtuous and Knowledgeable Friend,
The deluded recite,
Recitation bears fallacy and error.
Putting words to practice,
Such is true nature.
He who understands this teaching,
Is Prajna dharma.

Reverend Jiu Ruís point was about setting your mind and Acharya Lian Moonís was on maintaining a placid mind. They both talked about ďmind\`. And this part of the Platform Sutra of the Sixth Patriarchís is also about mind. The most important thing here is your mind.

If you put your words into action, this is called true nature.
Buddha once gave me a pebble as a gift and said that He gave me a whole samsara world. Why would He give me a pebble? Most people would take this stone as an ordinary stone. Think it through; youíll know the true meaning of the pebble. It means the whole samsara world.

Reverend Jiu Ru talked about far and near. If you receive response, they would appear in front of you in a snap. So the Golden Mother of Jade Pond residing on top of the Kuen Luen Mountain is not far from reach. If you snap your fingers, Sheíll arrive in front of you and answer any questions you have for Her. There is no far and near.

Acharya Lian Moon talked about the placid mind. Acharya Lian Moon also talked about how to free your mind from attachment. Once you have mastered not to have greed, hate and ignorance, youíll have a pure mind. You can practice this in your daily life. You can remind someone to put on more clothes when itís cold, or to drive carefully. I hope all of you can use your mind to find your Buddha nature and see your Prajna.

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