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The Lion King

[Seattle/ Reverend Hui Jun]
(translated by Kether Su & the TBSN Translation Commitee)

Ever-victorious between heaven and earth is the Lion King,

Our Grand Master shall earnestly expound the reason for this;

Divine Light produced by the prana, channels and inner-fire,

Will release the unrestrained Holy Hero from worldly bindings!

On March 24th, while delivering a sermon on the Great Rainbow Brilliance Accomplishment at the True Buddha Tantric Quarters, His Holiness Living Buddha Lian-sheng explained to the assembly the significance of practising Dharma in the spirit of the ‘Lion King`.

The Grand Master recollected a question from Ancestry Master Reverend Liao

Ming, `Will you like to be the Lion King living in the hills and woods, or rather be the Lion King that is being fed and tended in the zoo?` Reverend Liao Ming stated, `If you wish to become the Lion King living amongst the hills and woods, then you must jump beyond worldly confinements!` Having understood the profound implication behind this allegory, the Grand Master came to realize that: To be a monk is to become the lion living in the hills and woods; if choose to remain as a lay-person, then one is no different from the lion caged in the zoo.

The Grand Master said, `What is ‘Spiritual Liberty`? The lion is the lord of all beasts and is thus freed from all restraints. This is ‘Spiritual Liberty`. To have self-control and is able to do whatever one pleases without transgressions, not getting harmed either physically or mentally in the process. This is ‘Spiritual Liberty`.`

In addition, the Grand Master pointed out to His disciples, `You should first cultivate your prana and channels, kindle the inner-fire and generate your own divine brilliance. Everyone must strive to become the lofty and majestic Ever-victorious Lion King. Do not be like the ordinary beings whose bodies are filled with ‘negative veins`, and who have chilled hands and feet, lacking even the slightest tinge of masculine energy?.`

His Holiness skillfully illustrated to the assembly the importance of gaining insight into mundane vanities and renunciation, `Once upon a time, there was a king who was tied down by the management of state affairs day and night. He had to bear the worries and sufferings of all his people, be concerned with the loyalty of his ministers, possible invasions from neighboring countries, disputes and jealousies between his beautiful concubines?. He was mentally tormented everyday. Nevertheless, after he had renounced and left his magnificent royal residence, he found that he could actually live contentedly in his humble straw hut. Thereupon he felt like an unfettered man, and each day he would face the Emptiness and exclaimed, ‘How wonderful!``

His Holiness cited another example, `Shakyamuni Buddha was formerly Crown Prince Siddharta. If He had not renounced and pursued the path of spiritual cultivation, but had instead continued to enjoy the luxurious life in His palace, He would not be a famous person as He is today! But the fact remains that He did renounce to seek spiritual enlightenment.

`When Shakyamuni Buddha was meditating under a Bodhi tree, the demonic king appeared and told Him, ‘Devadatta has entered into your former palaces and is now enjoying your queen and concubines. You should therefore return immediately and settle the matter...` However, the sagacious Shakyamuni Buddha replied in a casual and nonchalant manner, ‘In this world, there are no permanent consorts and spouse.` Shakyamuni Buddha displayed such remarkable spiritual Spiritual Liberty upon renunciation. He is indeed immovable!`

Finally, the Grand Master praised the ordained persons of True Buddha School for their wise decision to renounce, and their devotion to spiritual cultivation. The Grand Master also encouraged His disciples to resolve to be a genuine Ever-victorious Lion King.
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