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TBS Line Creators' Stickers
Grand Master's Personal Collection Auction - One Day Only!
Repaying Parents´ Kindness
【Jokes and Buddhist Allegories】- 84 One Needs to be Single-minded Without any Distractions in Order to Witness the Buddha Nature
【TBF Announcement】Fund Raising for the Deadly Nepal Earthquake Catastophe
Sincerely Wish GM, Shimu, TBS Students and Everyone a Wonderful Chinese New Year of the Goat!!
Happy Year of Yimo!!
Buddha's World Residence Chinese New Year Greetings Video Event
Happy 2015!!
''The Great Seattle Restaurant Christmas Lights''
Happy Holidays!!
White Rainbow Temple
Core Committee met at the True Buddha Tantric Quarter (by Master Lian Jie)
The Transmission of Smoke Offering Practice
The Nine Stages of Kalachakra Meditation
Genuine Enlightenment is ``putting one`s words into actions``
More than 2000 Readers Attended the Book Signing Event held at the Singapore Expo
Grand Master Sheng-yen Lu`s transmission of the Kalachakra Nine Stages of Meditation Sadhana in the Lion City drew 60,000 disciples
His Holiness Living Buddha Lian Sheng visited and blessed Lotus Light Charity Society (Singapore)
The Practice of Vajrayana is to Unite with the Personal Deity
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