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Dec. 2, 2017, Key Points of Living Buddha Lian-sheng's Discourse at Padmakumara Homa Ceremony

【TBSN True Buddha Video Channel News】Dec. 2, 2017, Key Points of Living Buddha Lian-sheng's Discourse at Padmakumara Homa Ceremony

Key Points of Discourse:
  1. Today's ceremony bestowed the highest and most supreme empowerment of the lineage on all participants. Each and every attendee of today's ceremony received a supreme blessing.
  2. True merit is derived from constructing a Lei Tsang temple in one's heart, making offerings to one's principal deity, and performing daily dharma cultivation.
  3. Grandmaster's latest book, Ghosts and Deceptions, includes even more true accounts of ghost stories than his previous book Vicious Ghosts, The Untold Stories. Grandmaster mentioned that every True Buddha School (TBS) disciple must read both books in order to distinguish between good and evil.
  4. Rather than chasing fame and fortune, TBS disciples should aspire to be reborn in the pure land.
  5. Grandmaster has seen the true form of XX - a Hell Vampire Devil.
  6. Only enlightened beings or those who have cultivated diligently for many lifetimes are able to understand the Lamdre teachings. At this point in time, Grandmaster is the only person who can truly understand these teachings and thoroughly explain them.
  7. As a result of swindling money from disciples on the pretext of bestowing the fourth level tantric empowerment, a woman from Tainan will descend to hell four times.
  8. Lamdre: Grandmaster explained seven kinds of vase empowerment. The second level empowerment is from Buddha Father (red and white flowers) or Buddha Mother (red and white banners). The third level empowerment is the ''secret empowerment'' which is bestowed directly to both male and female practitioners by the guru and includes the method of transforming the Four Joys into the Four Emptinesses. The fourth level empowerment incorporates the five topics.
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Source: TBSN
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