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First meeting of the Fifth Term True Buddha Foundation Core Committee

【Reported by True Buddha Foundation in Seattle】The First Meeting of the Fifth Term True Buddha Foundation
Core Committee Was Held in a Warm and Energetic Atmosphere. Master Lianxiang and
Members of the Audit Board Participated in the Meeting

【Reported by True Buddha Foundation Core Committee in Seattle】A meeting of the True Buddha Foundation (TBF) Core Committee was held November 10-11, 2017 at TBF offices in Seattle. Core Committee directors in attendance were namely:
Chairman: Master Lianhua Chengzu (蓮花程祖);
Director of Public Relations: Master Lianyin (蓮印);
Director of Supervision: Master Lianseng (蓮僧);
Director of Education: Master Lianhe (蓮訶);
Director of Dharma Activities: Master Liandong (蓮東);
Director of Finance: Master Liansu (蓮潔);
Director of Promotional Literature: Master Lianyue (蓮悅)

Shimu Master Lianxiang, Director of the 1st term Audit Board, brought Audit Board members Master Lianzhe and Master Lianzai to attend the meeting also.

As the Chairman, Master Lianhua Chengzu, had requested all directors to draft proposals for their corresponding departments prior to the meeting, all departmental directors were ready at the meeting to report their future promotional agendas and put forward their vision and implementation plans for the future. Chairman Master Lianhua Chengzu fully authorized and empowered the directors to carry out their plans. Lively discussions were held in an auspicious and peaceful atmosphere. Everyone worked collaboratively to promote the growth and progress of the True Buddha School (TBS).

There are currently 127 masters in TBS, all of whom share responsibility for the rise or decline of TBS. The direction of future efforts should be toward bringing masters together to provide care and networking workshops. In February 2018, Grandmaster will personally attend a master networking workshop. It is believed that his attendance will provide encouragement and blessing for all the masters.

TBF values the education of senior reverends, reverends, dharma instructors, dharma assistants and all other levels of dharma propagating personnel and hopes to enhance their correct view and ability to propagate the dharma so that they can brightly turn the True Buddha dharma wheel in worldwide cultivation venues.

To facilitate these goals, TBF will expand the networking opportunities of all levels of dharma propagating personnel in 2018. It is believed that care and support, in conjunction with well-defined training and development programs, will foster camaraderie among dharma propagating personnel and build a brighter future for TBS.

To promote the well-being of worldwide cultivation venues, TBF plans a 2018 world tour on behalf of Root Guru Living Buddha Lian-sheng. As part of this world tour, TBF will implement planned initiatives for care and support and provide training and development for each cultivation venue. The first stop on the tour will be Jakarta, Indonesia at the end of March next year. Following the first stop in Jakarta, the tour will visit cultivation venues in Australia and Europe.

On behalf of Grandmaster, TBF will perform purification and re-consecration of temple shrines at every chapter. In addition, Mahabala ceremonies will be held to negate and eliminate all adverse influences of evil spirits, remove demonic hindrances, and overcome evil with righteousness. It is hoped that the implementation of TBF initiatives for care and support of cultivation venues and disciples in conjunction with training and development will nurture wisdom and compassion and give rise to a bright future for all TBS cultivation venues.

Having achieved consensus among the team, the Core Committee meeting came to a perfect conclusion.
Source: TBF
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