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Nov. 19, 2017 Grandmaster Media Interview In Taiwan

【TBSN News】Nov. 19, 2017 Grandmaster and Shimu Return to Taiwan (Part 2) - Media Interview In Taiwan

【Master Liandan Reporting From Taoyuan】Living Buddha Lian-sheng Voices His Love for Taiwan, Expresses Concern for Socially Vulnerable Groups, and Stresses Need to Maintain Power and Vitality While Moving Forward

A media interview full of love and positive energy commenced with a film presentation by the Sheng-Yen Lu Foundation (SYLF), True Buddha School Lotus Light Charity Society, and Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple. The film introduced the many social and national contributions made by SYLF, and the results SYLF has achieved in various healthcare services and ongoing education over the years.

As the result of receiving a Lotus Scholarship, Ms. Cai won the President's Education Award. At today's media interview she made an offering of a Chinese yo-yo performance to Grandmaster, demonstrating yo-yo spinning skills that are truly remarkable.

Grandmaster expressed his unique insight into the current most pressing issues in Taiwan. He gave his views on how to apply Buddhadharma to inject new hope and energy into society, calm people, and enhance positive strength throughout the country.

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Source: TBSN
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