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Grand Master and Grand Madam visited LSCT Temple Chicago Chapter on Nov 11, 2006

Reported by Rev. Pi Yan

On Nov 11, 2006 at 10:30 a.m., Grand Master Lu (LIving Buddha Lian Sheng), the beloved and revered root guru of millions of disciples worldwide, Grand Madam Lu (Vajra Master Lian Hsiang), accompanied by twelve other masters, two instructors, thirty-one reverends and tutors visited the LSCT Temple Chicago Chapter(芝城雷藏寺). There were over a thousand disciples in attendance.

Upon arrival, Grand Master blessed the altar and the great compassion water. He bestowed his calligraphy and paintings to support the temple. Then he walked up to the Vajra Protector Hall, supplicating each one of them. He walked to the basement: to the kitchen and dining hall to greet the volunteers who had been working hard, and to all the disciples who were seated at the basement (because the main floor was completely full).

Everyone was very pleased to see Grand Master again, especially from a close distance. Smiling faces and joyous spirit filled the whole temple.
Source: TBSN
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