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Chapter 3: Recognize True Buddha Tantric Dharma

Chapter 3: Recognize True Buddha Tantric Dharma
Book 156: Whispers of the Breeze - The Joy of Inner Tranquility
* Written by: Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Sheng-yen Lu
* Translated by: Wilhall Lee
* Edited by Luljeta Subasic
* Proofread by Mimos

Many people have asked me the same question, `Why do we have to tread the path of cultivation? Can we not cultivate?`

To this I often reply, `Since time immemorial, we have been struggling in the ocean of suffering and the Six Realms of Transmigration for numerous kalpas, with salvation nowhere in sight. The human realm is like a blazing inferno. To have the opportunity to break free from such shackles and be reborn into the Pure Land should be reason enough to seize the opportunity to cultivate.`

`Which practice then should we cultivate in order to cross over to the other shore1 ?

I answered, `the True Buddha Tantric Dharma.`

`How then does the True Buddha Tantric Dharma lead its practitioners to the other shore of enlightenment?

I responded, `The mantra, mudra and visualization as contained in the Tantric Dharma teaches the correct view, that is, purification of the body, speech and mind. Such cultivation can assist us to achieve correct mindfulness and correct concentration of the samadhi. Correct concentration can eradicate defilement of the heart, enabling us to finally witness the real Buddha-nature.`

At the same time, I am of the view that a disciple of the True Buddha School should have faith in the True Buddha Tantric Dharma, and even more so a firm determination to cultivate with utmost diligence and effort, as well as maintain the willpower to persevere until the very end. To put it simply, by cultivating one session of the dharma, you shall obtain purity as offered by that one session of the dharma. Cultivate the dharma day by day and you shall receive purification on a daily basis, and if a person is able to maintain purity on a daily basis, in Shakyamuni Buddha`s eyes, such person is regarded as an unsurpassed treasure.

I know that in the Buddha`s eyes, a person who is able to maintain purity on a daily basis is viewed as the unsurpassed Sangha treasure of the Triple Jewels. Such person will be regarded as a real bhiksu, a true practitioner.

I would cry my heart out to have the opportunity to cultivate the True Buddha Tantric Dharma, because such dharma is simply too moving, too precious, too fortuitous to behold.

I would equally cry my heart out when a person having the opportunity to cultivate the True Buddha Tantric Dharma relinquishes the chance. It would be such a great pity; too unfortunate a consequence and too lacking in causal conditions. I would moan and groan, beat my chest and stamp my feet in deep sorrow and despair.

The True Buddha Tantric Dharma enables sentient beings to forever maintain a pure heart, until Buddhahood is ultimately achieved.


1. Crossing over to the other shore refers to attaining enlightenment.

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