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Seeing Two Gods of Plague

One day, while observing the sky with my divine eye, I saw two evil stars spiralling down. As perceived through my divine eye, they transformed into Gods of Plague. One had an indigo blue face, while the other's face was red. They were extremely fearsome in appearance with fangs, red hair, three eyes, three heads and six arms.

I recognized these two Gods of Plague. Their names are Freezing Heart and Shattering Bones.

They are extraordinarily powerful. Upon encountering these Gods of Plague, humans and animals will be frozen with terror or so frightened that their bones will shatter into pieces. The Plague they spread will be from one person to 10, from 10 to 100, and from 100 to thousands upon thousands of people.

More serious than SARS.
More malicious than AIDS.

I had rounded up the SARS virus and turned it all over to Jade Pond Golden Mother. As for AIDS, it persists in the human realm because it manifests from the residual root of mankind's karma. That is to say, AIDS is the manifestation of deeply rooted karmic hindrances of mankind. As such, AIDS is not a condition which can be quickly or easily uprooted and removed.

Other diseases such as
Avian Influenza
Foot-and-Mouth Disease
Mad Cow Disease
Typhoid Fever
are all under control.

These two Gods of Plague, however, are exceptional. I foresee, once again, an inevitable calamity in the human world. When this great disaster arrives, the cries of anguish will be heartbreaking.

A poem comes to mind:
Plague ghosts are none other than evil witches. An epidemic is similar to bloodshed and massacre.
An evil star is difficult to destroy. Encountering it, one's heart freezes and one's bones shatter.
Households are suddenly driven to the brink of exhaustion. Spreading quickly, instantly wiping them out one after another.
Now only Lian-sheng can come to the rescue by going to the Jade Pond once again for celestial eradication.

With my divine eye, I saw two Gods of Plague descending to the human realm. Was there anyone else blessed with divine eyesight who also witnessed this extraordinary phenomenon? Nevertheless, since I witnessed their descent, responsibility to defeat their onslaught falls on my shoulders.

Only Golden Mother of the Jade Pond is able to stop the spread of plague and pestilence, because Golden Mother holds the highest seniority over the Five Gods of Plague. If I ask her for assistance, she will definitely not deny my request. The onus now lies on me to perform this duty.

What saddens me is:
People in the mundane world are not blessed with the divine eye. Ordinary people cannot perceive supernatural phenomena and consider my words nothing more than fantasy!

What's even more absurd is that, in the mundane world, no one is aware that the SARS epidemic was ended by Jade Pond Golden Mother. The Queen of Immortals, Golden Mother of the Jade Pond, is even attacked as a heretical demon!

Sadly, few in the human world understand the truth. Plague and pestilence prevail in the human world because of too many dishonest, corrupt, and ignorant human beings. In this mundane human world, I see myself, Maha Padmakumara, as a fundamental tower of strength, standing firm as a rock in a turbulent stream.

A poem:
The white lotus in my heart gives rise to the right view
The Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss is in the West
My Vajrayana followers, brimming with auspiciousness, energy, and vitality
Will attain Buddhahood and see the truth.

Translated by the True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Lynn Ang
Editors: Henry Wolf and DJ Chang
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