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A Dispute Between Two People

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: Ai Nee
Editors: DJ Chang, Phyllis Kao
Proofreader: Henry Wolf

In the spring of that year, I was cultivating the Marici Practice at my dharma seat. Marici is a great bodhisattva who rides at tremendous speed before the sun. She appears as a celestial goddess sitting on a throne in a chariot drawn by golden pigs. Some consider Marici the Goddess of the Northern Star and the overall chief of Year Planetary Ruler.

I first visualized Marici followed by reciting the mantra ''Om。mo-li-zhi-yu。so-ha。'' and forming the Marici Invisibility Mudra.

I then recited:
''Marici emits brilliant lights
In white, red, and blue, sequentially
As the three lights shining into my crown, throat, and heart
The three karmas dissolve
Enveloped in the mudra my body vanishes
Thus accomplishing invisibility
With Marici atop my crown
I transform into light and disappear''

At that moment, I visualized my body transforming into light while gradually entering into the Invisibility Mudra and disappearing.
I then entered samadhi.
There were quite a few disciples below my dharma seat. Among them were two disciples named Shixiong and Weili.

Shixiong said to Weili, ''When I looked at the dharma seat, Grand Master Lu was no longer there. He had totally disappeared.''

Weili answered, ''I saw the situation differently. Grand Master Lu was sitting in the light. He was still there.''

''Grand Master undoubtedly disappeared!''

''He was there within the light.''

''He disappeared!''

''Still there.''

The two began to argue.

Shixiong said, ''Disappeared!''

Weili said, ''Still there.''

''Let's make a bet. The loser pays ten thousand dollars.''


After about ten minutes, Shixiong saw Grand Master Lu's body gradually reappear, first the head, then part of the body, and finally the entire person. Grand Master Lu descended from the dharma seat.

Both of them bowed to me. Shixiong asked, ''Just now, Grand Master Lu was invisible, right?''

Weili asked, ''Just now, while Grand Master Lu practiced, I saw Grand Master Lu clearly visible within the light, right?''

I responded, ''That I disappeared is correct. That I was still in the light is also correct. They are the same. Each observer is unique.''

Only after hearing what I said, did they awaken from their confusion.
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