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Whole Body Clairvoyant Eyes Practice

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: DJ Chang
Editor: Henry Wolf

Prerequisites for Cultivating the Practice:
  1. Cultivation of the Four Preliminaries to perfection.
  2. Attainment of spiritual union with the principal deity.
  3. Able to cease thought processes.
  4. Able to see prajna lights linking to form a vajra chain.

Cultivation location:
In a dark room without penetration of any light
Meditate in sitting position.

An eye at the crown chakra and the root chakra respectively, look at each other.
An eye at the ajna chakra and the back of brain respectively, look at each other.
An eye at the left and the right ear respectively, look at each other.
An eye at the heart and the back respectively, look at each other.
An eye at the right and left shoulder respectively, look at each other.
In total there are ten wisdom eyes.
Each pair of eyes looks at each other.
The eyes project light at each other.
Ultimately, these lights intertwine into a net of light.
(when the visualization has matured)

Guide the external light of the vajra chains into the body. Fill the ten wisdom eyes with the light of the vajra chains.
The lights intertwine to form a net of light.
The interacting light gives rise to:

Continue to visualize:
The entire body is full of wisdom eyes, that is, every skin pore in the body is an eye.
The entire body radiates light.

At this moment, the whole body is entirely eyes with light all over. One manifests the merit form of the Infinite Light Tathagata.
Infinite numbers of principal deities, dakinis, dakas, and dharma protectors emerge from this infinite, boundless light.
The light of absolute eternal wisdom manifests.

This practice is different from white guiding (sunlight), yellow guiding (moonlight), red guiding (lamp light), and multi-colored guiding (multi-colored light).
It is not guided with external light.
It uses darkness to trigger the light of absolute eternal wisdom.

Key Cultivation Formula:
Guiding vajra chains into the body is the key.
Light colliding with light transforms into laser light and enters into all meridians and channels. Light colliding and pulling with bang! sound opens the meridians, channels, and five chakras.
Accomplish buddhahood in the present body.

Key formula to cease thoughts:
Body - without distractions.
Mouth - without talking.
Mind - without impure thoughts.
Body - liberated.
Mouth - no speech.
Mind - formless.
(loose, tight, Middle Way)

Important verse:
Realizing non-differentiation and no-self nature through cultivation
Seeing it emerge and manifest naturally
Emerging and manifesting as perfect in itself
This is great perfection free of attachment
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