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The 7th Question from Three Board Directors

XX claimed, ''This time the removal of XX Chapter from the True Buddha School (TBS) by True Buddha Foundation (TBF) was strategized by Grandmaster. Common people lack adequate wisdom to make the proper judgment. Grandmaster made this decision to protect us.''

Grandmaster's reply is:
First I have to laugh out loud: ha, ha, ha. This little associate is truly good at conjuring things.

Next, I want to clarify what is good and what is evil.
''Good'' means devoting oneself to sentient beings, whereas ''evil'' means being selfish.
''Good'' means acting for public interests, whereas ''evil'' means acting only for private interests.
''Good'' means to save sentient beings, whereas ''evil'' means to harm sentient beings.
''Good'' is pure, whereas ''evil'' is delusive, discriminating, and attached.
… … … ….

I noticed this about XX:
She is a selfish person, which I had been observing all along without saying anything. She started to establish private groups.
She began to distinguish the founder of XX Chapter,
the reverends of XX Chapter,
XX siddhi, her own pure land, and
XX House of XX Chapter.

She has covetously attempted to take over the entire TBS, and expel Shimu and TBF.(She imagines herself as having surpassed Grandmaster, waiting for the right moment to take over Grandmaster, so that she can be the person in charge.)

She distinguishes purple light from white light, and says that the purple light is winning over the white light. She is delusional in her belief that the ghosts that she has been cultivating have successfully transformed into virtuous deities. In the future, they will advance by transforming into bodhisattvas, who will later become buddhas eventually.

I have perceived the following:
With the obsession of building her own pure land, she applies ghost practices, spreads ghost connections, and collects wealth through attracting clusters and clusters of believers. She smashes lotus flowers in all other colors. She attacks Shimu and TBF. Her goal is to remove Grandmaster and to accomplish ''True Ghost School!''

Let me tell this to everyone truthfully:
I don't establish any temples for myself.
I don't demand money from anyone.
I don't threaten disciples.
I am not attached to anything at all. I don't discriminate, don't have any delusive thoughts, and am not even partial towards Confucianism, Taoism, or Buddhism.

I do my best to help sentient beings. As long as I am able to do so, I will help.
Although I am inclusive, I can't tolerate her selfishness. I did not plot anything to cut out XX Chapter. She was the one who demanded the separation on her own.

Will I protect the XX Chapter?
I believe in the oneness of heaven and humanity, of the buddha and humanity, and of the principal deity and oneself, whereas XX believes in the unity of ghosts and humans. What makes things even worse is that the ghosts [cultivated by] XX are fierce. They have harmed many innocent beings, causing them to commit suicide, to die suddenly, to get sick, to be disturbed, to have their qi stolen, and so forth.

How can I tolerate this? Let alone to protect this!
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