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Simhamukha Sadhana Transmitted Through Practicing Padmasambhava

The great Simhamukha dharma originated from Patriarch Padmasambhava's dharma protector transformation. As this dharma protector has supreme power she has the ''Face of the Lion King.'' When I, Living Buddha Lian-sheng Sheng-yen Lu, was cultivating the Padmasambhava practice I saw Simhamukha appear to protect my cultivation. Simhamukha transmitted this dharma to me at that time and instructed that this dharma protector practice is the foremost magnificent and extraordinary of all the Dharmapala practices. If one has Simhamukha, all one's undertakings are certain to be successfully accomplished!

Sadhana sequence as follows:
  1. Enter Simhamukha's secret altar.
  2. Clap hands and snap fingers. Recite the Purification Mantras.
  3. Recite Invocation Mantra
  4. Tender the Great Homage with Visualization
  5. Recite Fourfold Refuge Mantra
  6. Armour Protection
  7. Mandala Offering (Recite High King Avalokitesvara Sutra)
  8. Form the All-conquering Lion King Mudra and visualize:
    Visualize a moon disc appearing in empty space. The seed syllable in the moon disc transforms into Patriarch Padmasambhava. In an instant, Padmasambhava transforms into Simhamukha. Simhamukha is azure in color with one face and two arms. She has the head of a lion and is naked. She holds a kartika in her right hand and a skull cup in her left hand while holding a khatvanga on her left shoulder. Her right leg is bent upwards while her left leg is extended outward stamping on a corpse atop a sun disc and a moon disc within a lotus platform.
    Visualize the syllables ''om, ah, hum'' appearing magnificently at the brow point, throat, and heart of Simhamukha respectively. The three syllables emit respectively a beam of white, a beam of red, and a beam of blue light which shines upon practitioner. Practitioner instantly transforms into Simhamukha.
    Visualize Padmasambhava, extremely dignified and magnificent, sitting upon the crown of one's head. Within the sun disc in Padmasambhava's heart chakra, a blue ''hum'' syllable is surrounded by blue ''mantra hair'' which is spinning in a leftward direction. The light of the ''mantra hair'' is razor sharp and cuts away all obstacles.
  9. Recite Mantra
    ''Ah-jia-sa-ma。la-za-sha-da。la-sa-ma-la-ye。pei。'' (108 times)
  10. Enter Samadhi
    Enter Simhamukha samadhi
  11. Emerging from Samadhi and Praise Verse
    ''Ah-jia'' at the crown chakra
    ''Sa-ma'' at the throat chakra
    ''La-za'' at the heart chakra
    ''Sha-da'' at the navel chakra
    ''La-sa'' at the sacral chakra above the legs
    ''Ma-la-ye。pei'' emits flames of light
    Ferocious implements bring about destruction
    Crushing obstructors into fine dust
    (This is Simhamukha's verse of annihilating enemies.)
    Simhamukha practice has two unique features:
    1. The blue light emitted is razor sharp and cuts all enemies into fine dust. All obstructors will be shattered.
    2. One visualizes that one's hands resemble the sun and moon and are like dharma instrument hand cymbals. All hinderers are crushed between the cymbals like devils caught in a mountain valley, crushing the devils into dust.
      Perform the dharma practice while reciting the mantra:
  12. Praise Verse (1)
    Please protect cultivation venue and transform it into a pure land
    Please guide us on the path before us
    Please protect our mind while we meditate
    And annihilate all hindrances and obstructors
    The mighty Simhamukha
  13. Praise Verse (2)
    Simhamukha within the void
    Descends whenever she is invoked
    The ultimate eradicator of evil hindrances
    Wholeheartedly I make offerings to this supreme affinity
  14. Dedication
  15. Great Homage. Exit the shrine
(May all endeavors be perfect and auspicious)

TBS disciples who desire Simhamukha as their dharma protector must enshrine an image of Simhamukha on their altar. When going out one must carry a small image of Simhamukha. When travelling afar, recite the name and mantra of Simhamukha and pray that Simhamukha will accompany and protect one. If one does not have a small image of Simhamukha, one must carry her syllable. This is crucial.
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