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Simhamukha's Boomerang Shield Mantra

There was a time that a great master came to my neighborhood and propagated buddhadharma. This famous master had a high social ranking and possessed supernatural power. Once hearing the news, many Buddhist devotees traveled from far and wide to participate in his ceremony.

To express my respect to this great master, I carried gifts and books I wrote to pay him a visit. However, on my arrival, I was rebuffed. The master immediately turned his back upon seeing me.

He said, ''Sheng-yen Lu, this little evil king, dares to come to see me! He deceives the world and angles for undeserved fame. He is evil, heretical, and a fake living buddha. Only fools and ignorant people believe in his crooked speech.

''Performing righteous acts on behalf of Buddha, I will cut off Sheng-yen Lu's head with my supernatural power.''

Although feeling saddened after hearing his comment, I was tolerant.

His messenger passed me these words, ''You are forbidden to propagate buddhadharma and save sentient beings. Instead, you shall retreat and repent. Otherwise, you will die soon!''

I ignored the message and continued to promote True Buddha Vajrayana. As my devotees increased more and more, so did the anger of the great master.

One day, forgetting to perform Armor Protection Practice, I was playing basketball on the court behind the temple. I twisted my foot while chasing the ball rolling out of the court.

Lianhua Yihui and Lianhua Biyan were busy in treating my injured foot. My muscles and bones were seriously hurt. I was limping.

It happened not long before a ceremony. I had to limp to the dharma throne. (Strangely, more than ten people had injured their foot during the same period; my son Lu Foqi, Reverend Lianxu, Reverend Lianen, etc.)

I divined by flexing my fingers, and was startled!

It turned out that this great master had cast a ''Vajra Hatchet Practice.'' The practice was indeed ferocious. It was meant originally to hack my head off with no mistakes and I should have been dead by now. Fortunately, I have created sufficient ''substitutes'' through the cultivation of ''Substitution Body Practices.'' Therefore, my foot along with the ten plus disciples' were chopped instead of the heads.

When the great master heard that I did not die but only the foot of mine and disciples were hurt, he told others that, ''It was his lucky dog fate. However, this lets him know that whether I, the great master, or he, Sheng-yen Lu, has more powerful supernatural ability. My hatchet is ready for him anytime.''

I was worried about my disciples, not myself, by his comment, since they did not have the ability to protect themselves from the ''Vajra Hatchet Practice.''

While ridden with anxiety, I saw a tara appearing in the void. It was Simhamukha. Her entire body was emitting bright and dazzling fire. Her power was infinite.
Simhamukha stated,
''While encountering with strong opponents in the past
Guru Padmasambhava fought them off with tara's Boomerang Shield Mantra
Today Lian-sheng's facing jealous master
Please restrain him with Simhamukha''

Simhamukha explained to me that, ''In the past, Padmasambhava was facing 500 heretics' spells. While it was critical, I transmitted him the Boomerang Shield Mantra. All the 500 heretical attackers were terminated. Today, you, Living Buddha Lian-sheng, have been attacked by a jealous master with Vajra Hatchet Practice. Only the Boomerang Shield Mantra can subdue the rival.''

I replied, ''I do not want to kill him!''

Simhamukha responded, ''You are kind. Let's do this! You are also going to hurt only his foot, measure for measure. I am going to transmit to you the key formula of Boomerang Shield Mantra now, so you can shield and reverse the Vajra Hatchet Practice. There are eight subjugation methods and three major secret points.''

The three major esoteric points are:
  1. Boomerang - the boomerang power is as great as the rival's power
  2. Shield - it shields independently to the size of the rival's power
  3. Mantra - the key formula, mudra, mantra, and visualization (including the implements)
I did not perform any practice but only chanted the mantra.

A week later, the master had a fall too. His fall however was more serious. He could not get up. His disciples had to take him to the hospital. His foot was encased in plaster and elevated. Later, he was placed in a wheelchair.

I am writing a verse:
Studying Buddhism must practice virtuous principles
Not to be jealous of accomplishers
Being merciful and relieving the world
The essence of the tathagata's sacred teaching
Competing supernatural power produces no benefits
Please harken to the advice of Lian-sheng
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