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Obscuring the Facts

Translated by True Buddha Translation Team
Translator: DJ Chang
Editor: Henry Wolf

On Feb. 27, 2017, while I was having dinner offered by Liansheng Cultivation Association at Yuyue Lou, a disciple with the family name Yan told me the following:
''When explaining the buddhadharma, XX often mentions that the venue of the PTT Buddhist Society in Canada was once XX's own home, and according to XX, she herself provided this venue.
''Would someone like XX who brought their family to America and offered their own home to fellow disciples for group practices be called greedy?
''Moved deeply by her words we applauded her for being so compassionate.
''By donating her home for group practices and turning it into the PTT Buddhist Society, XX is a truly great person!''

After hearing what Yan said I nearly fainted.
This is yet another of XX's huge lies.

My comment:
More than twenty years ago, while strolling through Vancouver Chinatown with some disciples, we noticed a small church for sale.
Thinking this might be a rare opportunity, I suggested the church be purchased as a venue for group practices. I then spent CAD$280,000 to purchase what is now the PTT Buddhist Society. I later changed the name on the property deed from my name to PTT Buddhist Society and later, disciples made offerings to Grandmaster. This is the true origin of the PTT Buddhist Society. The property value is now many times greater than CAD$280,000.

The above proves that:
  1. The present PTT venue was a small church before it became the PTT Buddhist Society.
  2. It was Grandmaster Lu who originally purchased the property (I still have the purchase contract.)
  3. The venue was later transferred to the PTT Buddhist Society.
(Master Shaodong, Master Lianzhi, Master Lianwen, Master Liangao etc. know the details of all this.)

I also purchased the True Buddha News building and asked Master Shaodong to hire workers to remodel it. I subsequently transferred ownership from my name to Master Lianci and she also made offerings later.
(The value of the True Buddha News building has since increased many times.)

What I mean to say is:
The current PTT Buddhist Society venue was not provided by XX and has nothing whatsoever to do with XX. Based on my personal knowledge, the original PTT disciples did in fact hold group practices in XX's home. However, as a condition, they were required to pay the monthly mortgage payment of the house. (The group practices were not free.) Master Shaodong knows this very well!

Now, by constantly bringing up her supposed role in the PTT Buddhist Society:
Isn't XX obscuring the true facts?
Isn't XX talking nonsense?
Isn't XX changing the story?
Isn't XX deceiving?

Master Lianzi said, ''Over her lifetime XX's special expertise has been spreading lies.''
Master Lianzi further commented that XX believes ''As long as I don't acknowledge any of my wrongdoings, I have never done any wrongdoing.''
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