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Vajrayana Sacred Black Pills

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: DJ Chang
English Proficiency Editor: Henry Wolf

One year, Lianhua Yilan, who lives in Los Angeles, California, USA presented a small gift wrapped with a red cloth and ribbons to Master Lianxiang. Although small it was unusual looking. Once it was opened, there were several particles inside that looked like charcoal. They were as small and dark as black sesame seeds.

I recognized them, ''These are Vajrayana Sacred black pills.''
I placed these ''Vajrayana sacred black pills'' before the golden statue of Shakyamuni in the shrine of the 'Palace of Boundless Dharma Realm' (my new residence).''

Another time, while visiting my new residence, Ms. Fang Qing searched and searched her purse and finally took out a small box. Inside the box was another package. When it was opened, there were again small charcoal particles that looked like black sesame seeds.
''What are these?'' she inquired.
''Where did they come from?'' I asked.
''From Yuantong Temple in Kunming, Yunnan, China. A Vajrayana rinpoche gave these to me. He said that these are very precious. He doesn't give them to just anyone, but out of an affinity he gave them to me. He seriously and repeatedly told me that they are really precious.''

I said, ''These are Vajrayana sacred black pills.''

I explained the unique and unusual background of the sacred black pills.

According to the Kagyu Sect:
Tsamba is the primary ingredient of the sacred black pills. It consists of roasted barley flour (a food eaten by Tibetans), mixed with the relics of Shakyamuni (the 4th Buddha), Kashyapa (the 3rd Buddha), Dusum Khyenpa, 1st Karmapa Lama, Chodrak Gyatso, the 7th Karmapa, or the great accomplished adepts of India and Tibet. Finally, black water is blended into the mixture to finish making the sacred black pills.

The ingredients are:
''Tsamba'' - barley flour.
''Relics'' - the bone ash remnants of one who was greatly accomplished.
''Black Water'' - Tibetan ''Ah-lu'' medicinal herb. It is said that the water is a broth made from water distilled from the axe used by Milarepa to build a house for Marpa.

The process of making the sacred black pills is:
Lamas need to clean their head, face, body, and hands.
They have to make the pills in front of the image of the 8th Karmapa, Mikyo Dorje.
As they make the pills they practice by chanting ''tun-xi-na-mi-na-jue,'' which is the Root Guru Yoga of the 8th Karmapa. Thereafter they pray for the blessings of the current Karmapa.
When the pills are finished, half are placed into a large bowl and covered with the dharma robe of the 8th Karmapa.
(According to legend, the bowl was not only full of Vajrayana sacred black pills the next morning, the pills overflowed onto a clean cloth placed under the bowl.)
Also, there was a larger kind of ''Vajrayana sacred black pill'' called the ''mother black pill.'' This pill was made personally by the Karmapa. According to the legend, the ''mother pill'' was able to give birth to ''baby black pills.''

The functions of the Vajrayana sacred black pills are as follows:
Protecting the holder - Many Tibetans carried the sacred black pellets while fleeing from Tibet. They can protect the holder from danger.

Curing illnesses - Taking the pills can cure many hard to cure illnesses.

Blessing - Swallowing the pills is equivalent to being blessed by a living buddha. A seed of liberation is planted that creates a cause of becoming a buddha. As the result, one will reach buddhahood.

Creating affinity - By casting the sacred black pills into a river, all creatures in the water will have affinity with buddha. They acquire lasting benefits. Casting the pills into a lake or ocean, or giving them to other animals will achieve the same effect.

Enhancing merits - By giving the pills to others one's merits will increase and the karmic obstacles of both the giver and receiver will be eradicated.

Someone once asked me,
''Living Buddha Lian-sheng, do you have sacred black pills?''

''I not only have small sacred black pills, but also have eight mother pills that were made personally by the Karmapa. I did not collect them intentionally. Instead, the 16th Karmapa bestowed them to me in person. I have never shown them.''

''Will Living Buddha Lian-sheng show us the eight mother pills?''

''I will when the time is right.''

I originally placed the eight mother pills behind a horizontal inscribed board of my Buddhist shrine in my home in Taiwan, because I felt nowhere else in the home was suitable for them. The last time I returned to Taiwan I secretly took them down, put them inside a valuable marble box, and brought them back to the United States. Currently they are in the ''Palace of Boundless Dharma Realm.''

I suspect that there are fewer living buddhas under the dharma seat of the Karmapa than mother pills I have in my hand!

The mother pills are the most profound gift from the 16th Karmapa. The entire Kagyu lineage is hidden in the eight speechless mother pills. At the moment I opened the box and looked at them, there was, in my mind, a perfect and complete integration.

''Will Living Buddha Lian-sheng's mother pills produce new pills?''
''One who has great accomplishments, whose karmic obstacles and contaminations have been eradicated, and who is deeply sincere and respectful to the Karmapa will naturally be able to produce 'descendent' pills.''

I went on to say, ''The blessing power produced from Living Buddha Lian-sheng has the great ability of Kar-ma-pa-xi-hum.'' The great supernatural power of Living Buddha Lian-sheng has long been able to reach heaven, earth, and all ten directions unobstructedly. A true and authentic great supernatural being and a great secret master is not only a Vajrayana practitioner, but also in spiritual union with the Six Yogas and Mahamudra, and may even be an enlightened one.
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