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A Clinic for Suicide Ghosts

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: DJ Chang
English Proficiency Editor: Henry Wolf

I have never avoided mentioning that my younger brother ''Lu Zhaorong'' committed suicide.

He was spoiled ever since childhood.

Typically, children who are over-protected by their parents become part of the ''Strawberry Generation'' when they grow up. Their bodies and minds are overly vulnerable and fragile.

During middle school my younger brother came under the influence of a female junior and began sniffing glue. From that point on he lived in a daze.

He failed to wake up even after his younger female classmate committed suicide.

After graduating from technical high school he worked at a glass factory and continued to sniff glue. After numerous fruitless attempts to stop him his girlfriend finally decided to leave him.

Then, after an unbearable provocation, my youngest and only brother took his own life by swallowing ''Fen Suan Shen.''

His throat was completely burned up. His disembodied soul instantly departed for Separation Resentment Heaven.

I was in America at that time.

My younger brother had become a suicide ghost. He went following after my mother who was coming to visit me at my home in America. One night, he appeared three times:
1. Appeared before my mother when she was still alive.
2. Appeared before Master Lianxiang. He requested money.
3. Appeared before me and pleaded with me to treat his throat.

I performed the secret practice of Surupakaya Tathagata which enabled my younger brother, through the supplement of ''qi,'' to speak again. He was completely cured. It was indeed truly wonderful.

Once the story got out, everyone in the netherworld knew my name.

Many suicide ghosts came for treatment. My home became a clinic for suicide ghosts.
Suicide ghosts who had poisoned themselves came to cure their internal organs.
Suicide ghosts who had jumped off buildings came for treatment of broken limbs.
Suicide ghosts who had hanged themselves came for throat treatment.
Suicide ghosts who had suffocated themselves by burning charcoal asked me to cure their brains.
Suicide Ghosts who had drowned themselves asked me to cure their lungs.

One day, a hideous female ghost appeared. It turned out she had burned herself to death. Her skin was completely destroyed!
''Go find a dermatologist to treat you.'' I told her.
''A dermatologist can't help me Grand Master. It has to be you.'' She replied.
''Why me? '' I asked.
''Grand Master has the Surupakaya Tathataga Practice which can definitely cure my completely burned up skin.'' she answered.

I then blew a puff of air on her. One puff transformed a patch of her skin into an amazingly beautiful color. Two puffs made two such beautiful patches.
When I puffed on her chest, she felt awkward.
When I puffed on her private parts, she felt even more awkward.
I puffed on all her ''three points.''

Wow! Once I had blown puffs of air all over her this repulsive female ghost was transformed into a gorgeous celestial maiden.

Her new look could turn a practitioner like me upside down!

I was surprised when this female ghost, whose looks were now as stunning as a celestial being, expressed a wish to be my attendant. Compared to this striking female ghost, the appearance of some beauties in the human realm would be coarse and vulgar.

Fortunately, I practice ''White Skeleton Visualization.'' Otherwise, I might have married this ghost!

Frankly, I am fonder of ghosts than I am of humans. Many ghost disciples are also ''buddha groupies'' and these ghosts help me out in the netherworld even more than people do in this world.

I can communicate with the ghost realm.

The ghosts all know about Grand Master Lu.

I always advise humans in this world not to commit suicide. The karmic obstacles caused by suicide are indeed heavy. Any physical impairment resulting from suicide will carry over into the next rebirth as a physical mark.

I therefore have to say, the power of karma is inconceivable!

Strawberry Generation: is a Chinese language neologism for people born in Taiwan between 1981 and 1991. They ''bruise easily'' like strawberries - meaning they cannot withstand social pressure or work hard like their parents'.

Fen Suan Shen: a kind of chemical, possibly an acid.
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