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Two Invisible Acolytes

Translated by TBTTs
Translator: Cristina Li
Translation Accuracy Editor: DJ Chang
English Proficiency Editor: Ky Ly

One day, after finishing a practice in the True Buddha Quarter, Maitreya Buddha suddenly descended from the Tusita Heaven in the manifestation of Budai Monk. He had a round face, a big belly, a jolly smile that made his feathery brows fly, and bright white teeth. Standing respectfully next to each side of Maitreya Buddha were two acolytes holding colorful banners.

Maitreya Buddha said, ''Lian-sheng, Lian-sheng, I am willing to give you these two acolytes. What is your opinion?''

There was no reason why I wouldn't accept them, so I instantly nodded.

Soon after, Maitreya Buddha ascended alone back up to Tusita Heavenly Palace leaving his two acolytes holding the multicolored banners by my side with an exotic scent I often smell.

Mediocre psychic aren't able to see these two acolytes of mine. The psychics can just see them as large wheels of white light.

They follow Grand Master Living Buddha Lian-Sheng around like shadows. When I call upon them, they will appear immediately. By the same token, I also respect them dearly.

When I went to Australia, indeed, they followed me along. It is my habit that, before I eat, I would like to see and invite my two acolytes to join me and have food together, because I want to create a closer relationship with them.

After a few days in Australia, I had a strange feeling.
My acolytes had disappeared.
I summoned them to come join me for food, but they would not appear.
It seemed like all communication had been stopped.

When I recited mantras to expedite their invocation, a heavenly being appeared but not them. It was either ''Daily Deity on Duty'' or ''Expedient Foot Deity.''

I got very confused.
Did my two acolytes get detained by a greater deity?
Or due to being new to Australia, did they get lost somewhere?

A few days later, the two invisible acolytes came back to my side. I asked them,
''Where did you go?''
''Oh nothing just went back to Seattle.'' They both said with a smile on their face.
''Went back Seattle. Something must have happened! It is impossible nothing happened! Tell me the truth!''
''…….'' This time they did not answer, only the smiles remained.

Later on, I made an international call to Master Lianxiang. I then realized that, two days after I left, she got sick by an inexplicable disease.

The doctors told her that there was no cure.

As soon as noticed this bad news, my acolytes were so urgently rushed back to Seattle to help Master Lianxiang that they didn't even inform me beforehand. It turned out that many spirits known as ''Disease Dominant Asura Spirits'' attacked Master Lianxiang at the expense of my absence.

Therefore, the two acolytes immediately rushed back to seattle to deplete these Disease Dominant Asura Spirits.
Afterward, they returned to Australia.

When I found out this fact, I was very appreciative of having these two invisible acolytes. Not only they take care of me, but also they are protective over Master Lianxiang, Foqing, and Foqi. I am well aware of their kindness. At the same time, they also always care for all the suffering sentient beings!
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