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5. True Existence of Padmakumara

A disciple with surname Tong from Chicago, USA wrote several letters after he had taken refuge with Grand Master.
Disciple Tong is a scientist who values ''evidence'' and advocates ''seeking truth from facts'' instead of blind faith.

The focal points of his questions are: ''Would Grand Master please advise if Padmakumara really exists? Does the Pure land of Padmakumara really exist? What I want is evidence, not something seen in a dream or meditation. I respectfully ask Grand Master to help clarify my doubts so as to increase my intellectual beliefs instead of blindly following by faith alone.''

In fact, Buddhism itself is an intellectual belief.

The Buddha said: ''All Bhikshus and virtuous friends shall look upon Buddhist dharma just like the way we refine, grind, and authenticate gold.'' (Scripture of Disciplines)

Maitreya Bodhisattva said:
''Only one who relies upon intellect and is good at differentiation will not be afraid of disturbances from evil entities.'' (Banruo Zhuangyan Lun, Skt: Abhisamayalamkara-sastra)
''When taking refuge, blunt and feebleminded persons rely on faith, while sharp and intelligent persons rely on intellect.'' (Banruo Zhuangyan Lun)
''If not to learn to master the Five Sciences, even great Bodhisattva cannot attain the supreme perfect enlightenment.'' (Banruo Zhuangyan Lun)

Buddhadharma talks about:
''Hearing'' - Learn all Buddhist Sutras and Abhidharma
''Thinking'' - Use wisdom to analyze and distinguish
''Cultivating'' - Put into practice and personally realize and witness


When I was around twenty five or twenty six years old, Golden Mother of the Jade Pond initiated my divine eye, and as a result I saw ''Padmakumara'' myself, witnessed the ''Padmakumara Pure Land'' Siddhi.
I was not dreaming. It really was what my ''divine eye'' had seen and should be classified as ''seeing manifestations during meditation.''
At that time, there wasn't any prearranged situation, not something created consciously, but it really was: ''Heard by ear'' and ''Seen by eyes.''

Of course my personal sighting of ''Padmakumara'' and witnessing ''Padmakumara Pure Land Siddhi'' is beyond doubt. By now, I am already sixty three years old and I can truthfully say that I speak honestly, I do not tell lies and I do not say anything with a hidden meaning. What I have seen was real and not false.


In November 1997, Dunhuang Academy Research published a book titled ''Selections of Copied Art Work of Dunhuang Sunk Panel.'' The chief editors were Duan Wenjie and Li Kai and it was published by ''ShaanXi Publishing Company.'' The book is all about the Dunhuang Thousand Buddhas Caves. All statues and images inside the Buddhist caves are of the various Buddhist deities.

Among them is ''Padmakumara'' of Sui Dynasty, who appeared at Dunhuang Cave 314; everything inside Cave 314 is ''Padmakumara.''
The statue imitators were Li Chenxian and Feng Congnian.
We were astonished to discover that inside this cave, all the statues are ''Padmakumara; '' both individual statues and mandala.

''Padmakumara'' is real and not fantasy!
''Padmakumara Pure Land Siddhi'' is real and not fantasy.
Once more, we have credible evidence.
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