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14. Padmakumara who Catches Worms

Layman Chunghe, a disciple of the True Buddha School, is about 30 years old. He occasionally attends a homa ceremony held in the Taiwan Lei Tsang Temple. He has heard from others that, after dinner, Living Buddha Lian-sheng Master Lu usually blesses attendants by laying his hand on top of their heads. Many experienced miracles.

Therefore, one time, he stayed purposely. He has had an allergic nose ever since he was young. He was told that it would be cured with just a touch on the nose.

He actually waited in line for the blessing.

He said, ''Nose.'' when Master Lu walked in front of him.

I touched his nose one time with my right hand.

He asked, ''Is it really going to cure it?''

I replied, ''Together with attentive protection such as wearing a mask when getting up - to keep it warm.''

I continued to bless others.


At the same night, a miracle occurred.

Layman Chunghe saw an auspicious cloud flying to him from the void. A person was standing on the cloud.

It turned out to be resplendent Padmakumara. He looked like Master Lu but taller. White lights circled around his entire body. He wore a white heavenly garment with layers of skirts and stepped down from the cloud.

Layman Chunghe experienced great joy,
''Grandmaster, you are here!''

I replied, ''I came to catch worms for you.''

Layman Chunghe asked, ''Where are the worms?''

I said, ''In your nose.''

He was totally stunned.

I did not care. I transformed his nostrils to be bigger and bigger. Master Lu put his hand inside and caught abundant silly moving little white worms. I then threw them on the ground. They were crawling all over the earth.

I did it to both nostrils.

The more I caught, the more I was excited to catch. Both hands worked non-stop.

I estimated it was about to fill up a big cloth bag.

Master Lu had to get a broom to sweep the worms together. It was unknown where the bag was from. However, it was truly a bag full. I then ascended gradually and left.


Waking up next day, Layman Chunghe could still remember the dream vividly in his mind.

He gained a lot of confidence.

He tried to breathe and his nose was neither congested nor with any itching feeling. He could breathe clearly.

There were no phlegm, no obstacles whatsoever.

All allergic symptoms disappeared completely. The morning continuous sneezing and spitting were all gone.

Many months passed without any recurrence of the symptoms.

There was even no nasal discharge. He used to pick his nose every day. Now he no longer does so.

He had to blow his nose daily in the past, now the mucus is also gone.

He tells everyone about the story and emphasizes, ''This is completely genuine.''


Layman Chunghe was in the blessing line again. When I was going to touch his nose, he said,
''Don't need to. I am cured. My nose has been cured by Padmakumara!''

I went ''Oh.''

''Is that true?''

He said, ''Yes. I saw Padmakumara one time only. My allergy has been cured completely!''


Dear holy disciples:

As soon as your principal deity manifests before you, you will soon receive auspicious news.

Your meeting and being blessed by the principal deity will remove all difficulties.
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