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Miracles of ''Hayagriva's'' Fire Offering

New Zealand and Australia Trip VIIII

On Mar. 28, 2000, 7:00 pm at Melbourne Yen Ming Tang Buddhist Meditation Centre in Australia I conducted a Hayagriva homa ceremony.

First I recited this verse:

The ''Biting Vajra''
We pray with single mind
For your protection everywhere

The flames of the homa fire rose up, brightly illuminating the faces of 2,000 disciples as they put their palms together reverently with solemn expression and profound gratitude. In the flames of the fiercely burning homa fire I entered samadhi.

As the intensity of my brilliant inner light increased I experienced a continuous expansion of consciousness. This realm of focused meditative stability was colorful and full of content. This scene did not belong to our ordinary world. At that moment I was totally immersed in clear, bright and entwining silver lights carrying an almost majestic and magnificent air.

A religious ritual is not at all rigid, dull, dry, and formal. On the contrary, it is rich with feeling and emotion, an experience of faith and the mystery of the religion. One actually experiences inside oneself the flow of transcendent supernatural power.

We study religion to open up our mind and spirit so we can come to a true understanding of ourselves. To put it simply, the purpose of meditation is merely for ''self realization.''

All of sudden, I saw ''Hayagriva Vajra.'' He had one face and two arms and his body was red. He had three wide-open eyes and protruding teeth. The look was horrifying. His hair and beard were yellowish-red in color and sticking straight up. He wore a green horse head ornament atop his head. His right hand held a staff with a skull on top of it and his left hand, a lasso with a hook on it. His right leg was bent inward while his left leg extended outward. He stood powerfully on a sun disc atop a lotus throne in the midst of the flames of a raging fire of prajna.

I saw ''Hayagriva,'' the protector deity of Tantric buddhism, transforming into a divine horse. The horse soared up into the air and surprisingly went to treat a disciple's illness. Seeing what transpired, I was totally amazed. Opening his mouth the divine horse ate up the black chi that was in a woman's forearm.

At the conclusion of the ceremony I said:

''By cultivating Hayagriva you can become healthy, peaceful and auspicious.''

I then bestowed the magnificent Hayagriva empowerment on the disciples at the ceremony. After the empowerment, as I was leaving, a woman came up to me and said ''Thank you! Thank you! I can lift my arm now. I have been unable to lift my forearm for two years. When the homa was over I felt an energy in my forearm and I was suddenly able to lift it!'' She happily prostrated before me.

I quickly helped her up. People who heard this were deeply touched.

What was even more amazing was that a lively horse made of flames had appeared in pictures taken by several people during the homa at Yen Ming Tang Buddhist Meditation Centre. The horse had the head of a horse, the body of a horse, a horse's tail, and the four limbs of a horse. It was truly inconceivable (There are photographs as evidence.)

Another disciple saw a divine horse up in the sky and the Root Guru was riding on its back, surrounded on all sides by beautifully ornamented dancing celestial goddesses. Accompanied by heavenly music, they gradually drifted away to west.

These kinds of spiritual experiences at the homa were really and truly marvelous.
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