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Notification of Grandmaster's 71st Birthday Celebration Events
All of us, in heaven and on earth, will soon be celebrating a joyous day. True Buddha disciples and friends all over the world are invited to participate in this event to celebrate the 71st birthday of Grand Master Living Buddha Lian-sheng!

Date of Birthday Celebration: 6/28/2015
Location: Rainbow Temple
Distinguishing Characteristic of the Birthday Celebration is ''A Vigorous New Era for GM!''
Theme: Hot and handsome 17 years old Grandmaster.

The main purpose is to take Grandmaster back to the good and handsome old days of 17. On Grandmaster's birthday celebration day, everyone please make your sincere offerings to buddha. Use your wise thinking matched with your new era costumes. Together let us give Grandmaster an unforgettable, resplendent and fresh feeling and congratulate him with this magnificent celebration ceremony.

Following the fire offering ceremony there will be an offering of performances. The program will mainly feature group performances. If your temple or chapter would like to perform please notify us by mail prior to 6/21, so we can arrange the performance schedule. Those who register first will have a better possibility of performing. Please do not miss out on this rare opportunity.

Limitations and Guidelines for Performances :
  1. The program mainly features group performances. Therefore, please no individual performances (there is an exception for professional performers).
  2. Performance Time Limitations:
    1. Song and Dance Performances (not to exceed 8 minutes or two songs).
    2. Musical Instrument Performances (not to exceed 8 minutes or two musical pieces).
    3. Dance Performances (not to exceed 7 minutes).
    4. Martial Arts Performances (not to exceed 7 minutes).
    5. Large Group Dances or Dramatic Performances (not to exceed 17 minutes).
  3. Please submit the name of the temple or chapter the performers belong to, title of the performance, nature of the performance, number of people in the performance, duration of the performance, and details of the person coordinating the performance (name, tel. #, email address) etc..

Contact Information:
Rainbow Temple Birthday Celebration Performance Coordinator: Master Lianyen
Rainbow Temple Fax #: 1 (425)888-9008
Rainbow Temple Tel. #: 1(425)888-3677
Rainbow Temple Website:

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